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Vol. 7

What most of us see when we look at a modern cityscape, are towering skylines, rows of buildings and mazes of roadways, tunnels, and bridges. What gets easy to overlook, are the countless men and women who do the work to build these places and spaces from the ground up. Tara, on the other hand, makes it her mission to be sure these people are not only seen, but celebrated. Coming from a family lineage of ironworkers, she became inspired to tell the story of the craft and dedication of her brothers and late father through her camera lens. These are the themes brought to life throughout her stories, from family legacy to a sense of reverence for the workers and the work they do, as she can often be seen wearing her father's hard hat, camera gear in tow, working to capture the next task at hand.

“Documenting the builders of our nation! That’s extremely important to me. Showing the world who these people are. Because they’re someone’s brother, sister, son or daughter. The work they do is hard and I want them to know that it never goes unnoticed by me. And I truly appreciate the work they do.”

- Tara Garner


Follow Tara on Instagram @ucpbytara for photos and peeks into the lives of all the people who construct the buildings we see today.

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