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Vol. 6

Like most people in the skilled trade’s Alexis Dolese spends much of her time working to perfect her craft. However, unlike the typical craftsman who can be a solo show at the saw, Alexis loves to create in a connected community. For Alexis, art is a skill best shared with others. Wherever there’s people woodworking – that’s where you’ll find her. Whether she’s teaching at Montana State University, instructing courses in her own shop, or hosting the local Woodworker’s Guild (which she founded), Alexis actively takes steps to build up the community around her – not only to teach others, but to grow and refine her own set of skills and abilities.

“I really enjoy teaching and have been blessed with wonderful mentors in woodworking. I’m excited to share. It’s this wonderful wealth of knowledge we get to tap into. I want to encourage that and hopefully grow more of a community." - Alexis Dolese 

Follow Alexis on Instagram @dolese_woodworks for hand-crafted wood-working pieces, meet Watson the dog, and check out her classes.

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