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Vol. 5

Meet Those Drywall Chicks, Brit & Ash Luly

On any construction or building project drywall is one of the most essential but least recognized aspects of creating any beautiful interior. Even though their work hides behind paint and decor, Ash and Brit the Luly Twins - have used their 12+ years of experience and dedication to the art of drywalling to shine
a spotlight on the craft through social media.

Drywall has been the family business for the Luly’s since before Ash and Brit were born. Mixing mud at an early age eventually led them to taking the lead in their own operation. Their personal drive, quality of work, and dedication to the craft has led them to build the successful business they run today. Outside of drywall you will find them keeping up with their kids, honing their golf skills, or out fishing
and hunting.

Follow the Luly Twins Instagram @those_drywall_chicks & @those_wild_twins for some drywall tips, bucket shuffles, work dogs, and more.

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