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Vol. 4

A former freestyle motorcycle pro, you would be hard pressed to find a motor Travis cannot get running. With a daily life consisting of jumping dirt bikes or snowmobiles 100ft+ he quickly learned how to fix his toys himselfWrenching on small engines developed his motor knowledge to start taking on bigger projects of cars, diesel trucks, and even semi trucks. Even though he might specialize in diesel engines nowadayshe is up to the task of taking on any project, ideally if it involves something fast.

Growing up in Montana, Travis took advantage of the freeride playground he found the endless terrain of foothills and mountains that surrounded him. Summers were spent unlocking natural jumps and gaps on motorcycles while winters traded out wheels for a snowmobile track to do more of the same. We like Travis because he shows that chasing a dream can develop skills to open new opportunities in the future. All the time spent tearing into motors out of necessity led to opening his own shop Cady Company out of Belgrade, MT. Busy as ever, he still finds time to clean the grease off his hands to get his fix of adrenaline whether it's on dirt or snow.

Follow Travis’ Instagram @cady__company for some purring diesel engines, freestyle moto clips, and for reliable repairs in case you're passing through Montana.⁠

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