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Put a plasma cutter in her hand and Brenda will use it like a natural extension of her arm. Raised with a welding torch, Brenda’s skillset fuses her artistic nature and metalwork to create pieces that are uniquely hers—rusty, edgy, and contemporary. Her shop balances an industrial workspace of raw metal on one side and a beautiful gallery of upcycled metal art on the other. Whether it’s an old propane tank turned into a pumpkin, or a vintage car body covered in custom floral print—her pieces combine characteristics that can only be made by hand.


Raised on a small ranch in Idaho, Brenda learned to weld at 8 years old when her dad was searching for a way to channel her energy. Future Farmers of America and school shop classes refined her welding skills, and at only 16 years old, she officially started Iron Maiden Welding. Brenda quickly became the local town welder—selling her own creations, fixing farm equipment, and problem solving any odd job that reached her shop. Today, her passion for metalwork has inspired Brenda to introduce more women to welding through classes taught in her shop.

Follow Brenda’s Instagram @ironmaidenwelding for a look at her incredible upcycled artwork, a peek into her craft, and upcoming welding classes.

“If you don’t fix it yourself it doesn’t get fixed” - Brenda Stredwick