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Cat® Products Presents:

Cat® Global Operator Challenge Finals

Cat ® Products kick-off to CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 featured an A-list lineup with Mike Rowe and Rutledge Wood as the hosts of the Cat® Global Operator Challenge Finals, where nine of the best equipment operators from around the world put their skills to the test. 

Cat® BuiltForIt Trials - Stack

Cat ® Products "Stack" pits five Cat® machines, including Excavators and Telehandlers, against a mountain of massive JENGA® blocks. The object of the game is for heavy equipment operators to remove and then reposition a stack of 27 JENGA® blocks one at a time, without toppling the structure -- using only their Cat machines and attachments.

Cat® BuiltForIt Trials – China Shop

Cat ® Products China Shop features a heavy equipment operator maneuvering his Cat® 301.7 CR Mini Excavator with the poise of a matador through a crowded shop stocked with over $40,000 USD in delicate merchandise.


Cat® BuiltForIt Trials – Sand Castle

When the world’s your sandbox, you can think big—Guinness World Records big. Watch Cat® equipment construct the world’s tallest sand castle.