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From start to finish, Ben’s day is about putting in the work. Mornings begin with pre-dawn chores on the family ranch, then he’s off to the job site where he works as a tile setter. If there’s sunlight to spare, he can be found in the ceramic studio, honing his personal craft. Whether it's as a rancher, a tiler, or an artist, Ben’s story is about dedicationdedication to family, to work, and his detailed craft.


Originally from the American Southwest, Ben’s passion for working the earth through clay led him to an advanced degree in ceramics. After learning and working throughout the world he migrated back west to expand the family ranch and develop his skills as a finish tiler.

To catch a glimpse of baby cows and view his expansive portfolio of ceramic work follow Ben on Instagram @benjordanceramics

“I view a single mug or a single bowl as a sculptural object, one that comes with certain parameters and guidelines within the context of utility. Parameters that I can choose to work within or choose to ignore. In each piece, the time, energy, and attention that I put into it is conveyed through the ornate surface treatment and detail of the object.”

-Ben Jordan, In Tandem Gallery

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